About Us

Nurturing Nature Organics has been in operation for 23 years.  In 1996, the Shoemaker family purchased the business.  They recognized the value of worm castings for healthy soils and optimum plant growth.  They also recognized that with the publics increased awareness of organic products and growing methods, there would be a greater demand for organic gardening products. The Shoemakers had the vision to supply the organic gardening market with one of nature’s most effective soil amendments, worm castings. As well as the production and distribution of worm castings, they developed a range of organic potting soils.


Innovation/Technological Advances

As we learn more about soil science and the benefits of biology in creating healthy soil and plant life we must ensure the optimum conditions occur within our production process to enhance the growth of the diverse beneficial microorganisms within our product.  Nurturing Nature Organics Inc conducts lab tests through Soil Food Web Canada as well as conducting direct microscope observation of fungi, protozoa, beneficial nematodes and good bacteria.  We have also been working with organic farmers to try and provide the optimum mix for restoring beneficial microorganisms to the soil through compost tea mixes that have worm castings as their core ingredient.  Work to date has shown significant results in retaining nutrients and moisture and building soil structure resulting in significantly increased crop yields.  Experimentation and improvements continue.   

We are not aware of any other company producing similar products on a large scale.  This has been made possible through the engineering, design and construction of special purpose-built machinery and controls.  Paul is a very talented equipment designer, millwright, electrician and welder and has built a variety of conveyancing, blending, screening and control systems to automate the plant, reduce labour and increase efficiency.


Community Relations

We believe in giving back to our community.  As such we have made a portion of our farm lands available to the Central Okanagan Community Gardens Society to develop and operate the first Lake Country Community Garden.  The community garden has been in operation for three years, providing approximately 40 plots for local families.  As well, the garden members grow several plots dedicated to the Lake Country Food Bank. 

We also believe in education and have several schools booking ‘field trips’ for primary students to tour the facility every year.  Charges for a school field trip are a donation to the local community Food Bank.

In keeping with environmentally sound practices we try to purchase all our input products and supplies from local suppliers.


Employee Relations

Two of our full time production workers have been hired through assistance programs to help individuals find meaningful work.  One employee is a single mother who has been with us for 9 years.  The other employee is deaf and has been with us for the past 3 years.   He is doing his best to teach us American Sign Language :-)


















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